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We Love PINK! Light Support Pointe Puffs Toe Pads

We Love PINK! Light Support Pointe Puffs Toe Pads

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Introducing Pointe Puffs Memory Foam Toe Pads, the perfect addition to your ballet pointe shoes! These innovative toe pads are designed with memory foam technology to provide incredible comfort and support to your toes during those long hours of practice and performance. 

Hand-crafted with the finest materials, our Pointe Puffs feature a soft and breathable foam, adorned with a colorful lining of your choice. The memory foam insole molds to the shape of your toes, distributing weight evenly, while offering superior cushioning and shock absorption.

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, our Pointe Puffs Memory Foam Toe Pads are a must-have accessory for any ballet dancer. So why wait? Choose one or more of our colorful options and firmness. Get your pair today and experience the ultimate comfort and support for your toes!


  • Molds perfectly to the contour of every toe.

  • Superior pressure relief, reduces pain by distributing weight evenly between your toes.

  • Allows for better circulation.

  • Relieves bunion pain.

  • Shock absorbing both for toes and ball of foot.

  • Non-bulky. Diminishes in size when fit in shoe.

  • Breathable foam material for better hygiene.

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

  • Odor-free

  • Hand-washable

  • Foam material is manufactured and made in the USA.


Options: This product is the Light Support Pink Memory Foam


  • 💖Light Support Pink Memory Foam - non-bulky for the dancer who prefers to “feel the floor” or who prefers lighter padding. Mold and compress fully to the shape of your toes. Great for beginner students and professionals.

  • 💛Full Support Yellow Memory Foam - more firm for the dancer who loves the plush feeling of comfort, needs more padding, or has painful toes or bunions. Great for students and professionals.


How to use:

🩰 Can be worn directly on toes or over tights.

🩰 Do not wear directly over taped toes or polished nails, as foam may stick and tear. Tights or lining should be used in between. We suggest using Pointe Puffs Noodles as a great reusable tape alternative.

🩰 If toe pad exceeds from shoe, it can be carefully trimmed down with a scissor. 

🩰 Hand-wash gently with liquid soap such as hand soap. Squeeze out excess water after rinsing and let air dry. 

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Customer Reviews

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So amazing!

I bought these because I was having trouble finding toe pads to wear with my point shoes that were actually comfortable. These are the best toe pads I’ve ever owned! They feel like walking on a cloud and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! I would definitely recommend!!!