Dance on Clouds with Pointe Puffs Toe Pads

The first original memory foam pointe shoe toe pads for every ballet dancer.

Compress perfectly to the shape of your toes for superior comfort

About our amazing toe pads


Our innovative memory foam technology is the first of its kind, in the ballet world of pointe shoe toe pads. Feel the comfort and cushioning affect that will keep you dancing for hours.


Our Pointe Puffs mold perfectly to every toe. They conform to every crevasse and distribute the weight evenly, which in turn relieves painful pressure. The temperature-sensitive foam material responds to body heat and allows for better circulation in your toes. 


Our totally breathable memory foam is hypoallergenic and odor-free. 

It's anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties can reduce unsightly skin warts and callouses, providing your toes with an overall healthy environment.

Which foam do I choose?

Light Support Pink Memory Foam - currently our bestseller and for the dancer who prefers to “feel the floor” or who prefers lighter padding. Molds and compresses fully to the shape of your toes. Great for students who should be “feeling the floor” and professionals alike. Recommended if you're new to Pointe Puffs.

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Full Support Yellow Memory Foam - firm support for the dancer who loves the plush feeling of comfort, needs more padding, or has painful toes or blisters. Great for students and professionals. We do suggest you try the light support (pink foam) first, if you’re new to Pointe Puffs, and order full support as an optional foam when needed.

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What size do I need?

3 sizes to choose from- giving you a more custom fit.

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